New Jersey Lawsuit Loans

Pre-settlement Funding in New Jersey for Plaintiff with Pending Lawsuit

Anyone with a pending settlement can apply for New Jersey lawsuit loans if they need cash advances for litigation costs and medical fees. A person who suffers injuries because of the negligence of someone else is eligible for compensation from the offender. But to get the desired compensation, you may have to go through a legal process. Proceeding with lawsuits is always time consuming and cash exhausting, and if you do not have lots in savings, you may settle for a lowball offer. But with lawsuit loans in New Jersey for your claim, you can easily get the funds for lawsuits related to car accidents, workers’ compensation, slip and fall accidents, and many more case types.

new jersey lawsuit loans

Our company follows a very simple rule of litigation financing: if you have a strong case with higher chance of winning, we can provide quick pre-settlement loans in New Jersey. Depending on the strength of the case and the expected future award, you can apply for anywhere from $500 to $500,000. To apply, all you need to do is provide information related to your pending lawsuit. You can call 800.961.8924 or apply online by filling out the application form.

Lawsuit Loan Qualification Criteria in New Jersey

We have very simple qualification criteria for pre-settlement loans in New Jersey. If you have a pending lawsuit, you can apply for a cash advance, but there are still a few important criteria that you need to fulfill to get a lawsuit cash advance. These criteria are:

  • You have a pending settlement claim in New Jersey
  • Your age is 18 and above
  • You got injuries because of someone else negligence
  • An attorney is representing your case in NJ court
  • Your attorney agrees to work on a contingency fee basis

You and your attorney is willing to get funds in exchange for a portion of your future settlement reward

If you fulfill all the criteria given, then you can easily apply for lawsuit funding. We have a very simple process for providing cash advances to plaintiffs.

We Have A 3 Step Funding Process

Step 1: You apply for lawsuit loans by providing basic contact details, your case type and details, and attorney information.

Step 2: Our team will communicate with your attorneys to determine the strength of the case; once we have reviewed the merits of the case, we will make you an offer in the form of a lump sum.

Step 3: We present you a contract with the terms of our funding; as soon as you and your attorney sign the contract and agree to the loan terms, we can wire the amount to you.

Benefits Of Lawsuit Cash Advance

A plaintiff in a pending lawsuit may face a lot of financial troubles because of the uncertainty of the court proceeding, rising attorney fees, and medical bills. Mostly they exhaust their savings in the hope of a fast trial and compensation, but as time passes, they realize how tough personal injury lawsuits can be and how expensive and time-consuming they are. Soon they deplete all their savings and understand that the only option is to borrow money from the bank, friends, and other lenders.

Taking a bank loan can be very complicated since the bank requires a lot of verification and collateral to offer a cash advance, so the best option a plaintiff can opt for is New Jersey pre-settlement funding. Let’s look at some of its advantages to see how it can help plaintiffs during a court proceeding.

Easiest Funding Option

The application process for a pre-settlement loan is simple, as are the qualification criteria. If you have a pending lawsuit in which you are the litigant demanding compensation, then you become eligible for lawsuit loans. All you need to do is fill out the application with the correct details, and the pre-settlement company will start working on it.

Fastest Funding Method

Rather than just a simple application process, the approval of these cash advances is really quick. If your court case has the merit for a favorable judgment, you can hope to get a lawsuit loan in just 24 to 48 hours.

No Credit Check and Collateral Required

Since your court case is being used as collateral, neither your credit score nor your bank balance will have any effect on the funding. We give you cash advances based on the lawsuit you have; you can get up to $500,000 in cash advances depending on the expected settlement value. No credit check and collateral also reduce the paperwork and make it a hassle-free method to get cash advances for your lawsuit.

The Only Risk-Free Option For You

Pre-settlement loans are a non-recourse funding method in which the plaintiff only repays the loan if the case is won. In case you lose the ruling from the court and receive no compensation, our funding company will never ask for a penny. In short, “You Win, You Pay,” making pre-settlement the only risk-free way to get money for your pending lawsuit.

Use Funds To Pay For Anything

We provide pre-settlement funding in New Jersey with no obligations on how you use it. Applicants can use the funds to pay for whatever they want. Commonly people use pre-settlement loans to pay for

  • Medical expenses
  • Loan repayment
  • Car fixes (in case of auto accident lawsuit)
  • Surgeries (in case of personal injury lawsuit)
  • Pay regular bills like gas and electricity bills
  • Cover your expenses while you were out of work due to an injury.

All these benefits of pre-settlement funding in New Jersey add up to peace of mind for the litigant. You don’t have to worry about debt since there is none. You can take the money and use it with no obligation and repay only if you win. We understand how difficult it is for people with personal injury claims to deal with a lawsuit while also taking care of their physical health. Apply for a pre-settlement loan and settle your bills easily.

Cases That We Fund In New Jersey:

We can offer you a low-cost pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance on almost any type of personal injury claim in New Jersey that is allowed as per state law. A few common lawsuit types we fund are:

  • Car Accident Cases
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Lawsuit of Defective Drug
  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Mass Tort Lawsuit
  • Commercial Litigation

Other than plaintiff financing and surgery financing, we also provide cash advances to attorneys and law firms. If you do not see your case type here, just check the complete list of cases we fund. Even then, if you are not sure about your lawsuit, give us a call at 800.961.8924 or apply online. Our pre-settlement funding experts will definitely take care of your application and help you with all the related information you need.

Interest Rate Of Lawsuit Loans in New Jersey

It’s really tough to give an exact interest rate figure for lawsuit funding since it varies from case to case and applicant to applicant. But we make sure that every case we fund gets the best rate of interest for their lawsuit loans so that they don’t end up submitting all their compensation value. A few key things that determine the lawsuit loan interest rate in New Jersey are:

  • Your case type
  • Strength of the case
  • Severity of the damages caused to the plaintiff
  • Expected value of the settlement
  • Expected time it will take till settlement
  • Asked loan amount

You should definitely learn about the interest rate when taking out lawsuit loans in New Jersey. Since we based our lawsuit funding option on your pending settlement and not on your personal financial situation, you can rest assured that even if you have a bad credit score, it will not affect the rate of interest. To know the exact terms, you should apply first and let us review your case; only then can we provide you with the tailored rate of interest for your case.

Reject Lowball Offers And Get The Right Compensation You Deserve

Whether you are in a personal injury case or some commercial litigation, the party at fault will try everything to extend the date of settlement. Big companies with lots of backups often try to settle cases with a lowball offer in case the plaintiff doesn’t have enough funds to continue the case. With NJ lawsuit loans, you get the funds to stabilize your finances and prepare a strong case to get the best reward expected from the lawsuit. Apply for low-interest lawsuit loans with ECO and reject low-ball offers easily without risking anything.

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